Academy of Dental and Medical Assistants

Our academy was founded to provide high quality, hands on training that is not only affordable, but also convenient. We offer the highest quality, hands-on education and prepare students with the knowledge and technical proficiency that will allow them to become employable in the dental industry as Dental Assistants. Our graduates leave the academy with education, hands on experience, and employability!

Dr. Mark Treystman

Dr. Mark Treystman is a general dentist and a Program Director of the Dental Assistant program at the Academy of Dental and Medical Assistants. Dr. Treystman began practicing in Los Angeles in 1997. His private practice, “New Century Dental Group” was opened in 1999, and one year later, he opened his second private office “Commerce Dental” in the City of Commerce.

Dr. Mark (as he is referred to by his patients and staff) takes pride in delivering highest quality dental treatments available today. He has proudly build his practice on “word of mouth”, referrals form his patients.

Now Dr. Mark is following his passion for teaching, by providing training for his Dental Assistant students which includes hands-on training, and learning in his fully operational dental office, using tools, equipment and skills he and his staff utilize every day when they are treating patients.

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Yana Treystman

With her background in vocational education, and 15 years of experience in the field, Yana has extensive knowlege in the areas of admininstration, career services, admissions, and all other aspects of school operations.

In 2018, Dr. Treystman and Yana Treystman decided to put together his knowledge and love for dentistry and teaching, and her experience and passion for brining career oriented education to those who need it most, and opened the doors of the Academy of Dental and Medical Assistants.

email learnfromadentist@gmail.com